Friday, May 12, 2017

Cleaning business

Jace wanted me to record this, then put a note in the neighborhood center that he and Brighton would clean houses and people could pay them. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Tokyo part 2,3,4

the Rainbow bridge, view from somewhere.

yes, Tokyo doe have giant monsters!

Street Fighter vs. Something? 

Lots of cool light up buildings at night, this one had rotating lights in the shape of hearts. 

some random street? notice jace though. 

While not willing to remove himself from the picture, he was definitely not a happy camper, despite the dabbing by his sister. 

I think Suzy caught the dabbing disease as well

I'd be scared too Brighton!

This was on the way to the Natural history museum As you can see, there are a few other people around. 

the kids really liked the place! from the Rocks, to the Plants to the bones. 

Here's a rock.

And some Snakes. 

Also, here is Japanese Michael Jackson.

I thought this was a cool looking set of bones, a Biceratopts

Yes, this one was a wee bit large. 

A true Triceratops. 

here is Shibuya, the busiest intersection in the world. 

On your mark, get set...

our lives are now complete! 

yes, this is the cup o noodle museum. 

In Japan, the driving age is 6, 

Brighton wearing the cup o noodle hat she got. 

Here we got to color our cup o noodle cups. 

Ninja Suzy flavor. Coming to a store near you. Soon. 

better view of Ninja Suzy flavor

Here's the machine to get the noodles in the cup (that's Kate's cup). 
here we got to choose the toppings! there were some interesting combinations chosen!

And yes, we saw our friends, the Sumsions. 

Here we are playing that game with the cheek retractors. The 

Here is the pillow I got. I will probably go back just for this pillow. Christopher and Aaron are probably really jealous right now. 

Watching Grant play some B-ball! 

We went to the beach! 

It was not warm, as you can see by the lack of other peoples. 

Now you see some Garrets! yes, that's Suzy and Nelsa digging for sea glass!
It was extremely Windy!!

I don't know that Brighton had to take more than two steps on her own the entire weekend. 

I a bit of Island hopping ensued. 

Did I mention it was windy

Yes, this is some kind of seaweed. So delicious. 

Sea Glass. 

Here's Brighton and I eating at Harbourland in Kobe I believe. Bonus picture. 

Some of our Kids had growth spurts. 
They had a bunch of rooms to encourage you to "think outside the box" at cup o noodle. 

And yes, we puzzled over this sign for a while. 

More of Grant's B-ball game.Kate made Brighton a dandelion crown. fitting for our little princess. 

Island hopping part duex. 

Post Wind Blownness.

More cup o noodles

We're starting the shrink wrap process

The heat is applied! Final step.

Here's the park by the Imperial Palace. Which we arrived at 4:55. Which closes at 5. 

At least we got to see this park.

Look, growing not only flowers but families!

nature next to city. 

Shibuya crossing!

All the people all the time. 

Hachiko! Wikipedia it!

A statue of Hachiko! Wikipedia him. 

our Air BnB. Mostly just Bs. 

Here is a replica of the shed that 

Momofuku Ando did his Cup O noodle work in.